Corporate Consulting


FOREIGN MARKET PENETRATION STRATEGY. Quatro Strategies & Consulting supports your company in expanding its business to foreign markets. This service includes foreign companies willing to invest in Turkey, or Turkish companies willing to expand their business to a different region. Every market has its own political, bureaucratic, economic, social, and technological dynamics. Quatro Strategies Team analyzes those dynamics and find the most suitable market for your company or product.

REGIONAL CONSULTANCY. Quatro Strategies & Consulting is one of the most qualified consulting firms in terms of regional expertise on Turkey, Middle East, Balkans, Caucasus, and North Africa. Following and analyzing political and commercial trends in the region is one of the priorities of Quatro Strategies. Our services in this area include preparing regional/country reports, training on regional issues, rules, regulations, and market trends.

INDUSTRIAL & COUNTRY POLITICAL/BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. Business and politics are usually intertwined and need each other to survive. New developments in politics affect businesses, and vice versa. Quatro Strategies & Consulting helps your business to have political connections, makes your company aware of political developments and makes projections for the future to let you review your business strategy. For politicians, getting the support of business circles is important. Quatro Strategies supports its political customers in building his/her network in business circles, thus providing an area to get recognized, and become more popular. kurumsal-01

COUNTRY/SECTOR/COMPANY REPORTS. Detailed sector and company analysis and regularly updated reports provide the basis for the construction of competitive company policies. These reports will be important tools for an accurate insight look for setting new goals and revising the previous ones. 

CONSULTING FOR THE TURKISH MARKETS. Quatro Corporate Consulting assists the firms who wish to invest in or for Turkish markets to enter the competition with the correct strategies and/or with the correct partners. For foreign investors, we also provide support for the legal, bureaucratic and conjectural framework.

STRATEGY SETTING. Quatro Strategies Consulting Team assists you to set applicable goals in your sector. After revisiting your company’s financial and executive capacities, we help you to optimize activity fields and volume. We provide necessary information and analysis to support your new investments in other country or regions as well as other blooming sectors or with new partners.  kurumsal-03

COMPANY IMAGE PLANNING/PRODUCING AND MEDIA RELATIONS STRATEGIES. The image planning work and media relations are vital for the success of the companies. For the best results in this area, our creative team, with great communication skills, makes a difference in your branding. A strategic approach to media is necessary for a sound presentation of the product/brand/company to the customer, for organizing the relations with other companies active in similar sectors, for developing correct communication with governmental instruments or with NGO’s and for being active in social responsibility projects.

NEW PRODUCT RESEARCHES. Quatro Corporate Consulting Services, leads you to success with accurate strategies, detailed analysis and investing novelties. We provide pioneering and creative ideas about new product releases in your sector. We combine our suggestions with a detailed concurrency research, probable cost and customer demand researches as well as an efficient pricing suggestion, advertising and canaling strategies. kurumsal-04

INVESTMENT CONSULTING. Investment consulting is vast area but despite of differences or sectors decisions should be taken following sound and detailed analysis. That’s why we believe that every company, from smaller to larger scale should direct their investment regarding from a rational point of view. We believe in the force of correct information. We provide services for our clients starting from the choice of the land of the investment, to the required equipment and technology, the legal framework and competency reports. Quatro Strategies & Consulting-Corporate Department presents detailed analysis for your active or newly establishing company. New market researches, risk analysis, customer profiling, regularly updated sector and country reports, legal consulting are only a few of our services.

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS. Regular surveys show that CEOs and big corporations alike share one thought: The governments / regulations are key to a company’s current and future economic value. Quatro Strategies & Consulting supports your company’s relationship with Turkish Government, NGOs, and business associations, which will prove crucial in your future endeavours in the Turkish Market. We not only support the companies that operate in the Turkish Market, but we also support NGOs and their implementation of civil society projects that provide a collective social benefit as well as Turkish Government’s international promotion projects thanks to our vast network, particularly in Europe and North America.