Risk Assessment

A Unique Approach to Risk-Averse Decision Making and Strategic Planning


Special Analysis and Operational Country Risk Reporting service provides in-depth analysis and regular risk reporting to individuals, corporations, organizations and governments around the world. By placing events happening in and around Turkey in a geopolitical framework, we help our customers anticipate and exploit opportunities and better understand local, regional and international developments.


Your competitors, however ignored in daily life, share many of the same beliefs, assumptions and suppositions with you. They inhabit the same world, serve many of the same customers, read the same newspapers and press summaries, commission advice from same consultants, attend the same conferences, and so on. The success in business does not make money on the beliefs that it shares with its rivals, only on the beliefs that set it apart.

Winning strategies are rarely constructed from knowledge that is widely available in the public domain. The competitiveness of strategy lies in the truth of the assumptions embedded within it, compared with that of competitors. To that end, we are committed to inspire you question your assumptions, revisit the expectations that you take for granted and tell you the things that you might find unorthodox.


 In a world, where no-one controls anything because everyone influences almost everything, QUATRO Analysis and Forecasts lives by its core philosophy; that examines people and their motives, individual and collective behaviors, social structures, economic trends, religious contentions and their historical root-causes, as well as their environments and considers them as Complex Adaptive Systems.

In light of this philosophy, QUATRO studies the behaviors and structures of these systems, to analyze the strengths, vulnerabilities and interdependencies between them, thus uncovering potential leverage points that will create strategic advantage to our clients.  



The overarching principle of QUATRO Analysis and Forecasts is to be the most credible provider of predictive analysis and forecasting services on Turkey and its imminent surrounding region. We believe that in a transformative world; political, social, military and economic events are not random and are, indeed, predictable.

By providing accurate, consistent, timely, relevant and continuous forecasts and analysis, QUATRO aims to place¬†today’s events in a context while forecasting¬†tomorrow’s potential developments well before they appear in the headlines.

Our end-state is to endow our clients and subscribers with a strategic advantage; hence they can identify opportunities, make sound decisions and manage risks through information that is timely, relevant and actionable.