Elif Dördüncü Aydemir – Politics and Strategy Elif Dördüncü Aydemir is the founder and the main strategist of Quatro Strategies & Consulting, Llc based in Istanbul, Turkey. She works as a Strategic Consultant in Turkey, EU, Balkans, and Caucasus, and gives lectures and seminars on Political Science, Political Campaigns, Political Systems, and Government Relations for Corporations. She is a board member of The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. She is a lecturer of Political Communication for Graduate School in Istanbul Bilgi University. After graduating from Marmara University, Political Science and Public Administration Department, she continued her studies in Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University. She has completed her Master Degrees in International Relations-Strategy and also in Political Sociology from Sorbonne Paris I University where she continued to her PhD studies examining the political discourse of Turkish and Greek nationalisms. She provides consultancy in Turkish, French, and English. Elif Dördüncü Aydemir is an active member of IAPC (International Association of Political Consultants), EAPC (European Association of Political Consultants) and ISPP (International Society of Political Psychology). To know more about Elif Dördüncü Aydemir visit her Linkedin Page

Gökhan Taymaz – Strategy and Business Development

Gokhan Taymaz is the Managing Partner, Strategy and Business Development at Quatro Strategies & Consulting LLc. He is a career Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) with international experience and expertise in directly supporting key executives and respective management boards, charged with formulating, implementing and communicating corporate plans for the future in energy, defense and infrastructure domains.

He has over 20 years of experience in applying advanced analytic skills to identify, assess, interpret and exploit potential risks and opportunities in relation to large energy, defense and construction projects in an area of responsibility stretching from Central Asia to Atlantic coast and Gulf states to Baltic Sea.

Given his education in Aerospace Engineering (BA) and Political Communication & Government Relations (MA), as well as his background as a policy builder and global affairs analyst in NATO, he provides consultancy in government relations, strategy building and implementation, risk management, corporate resilience, crisis management and public policy support to multi-national corporations.

He has proven performance in political communication, crisis management, government relations, data-driven strategy, message development, micro-targeting, change management, policy formulation, strategic engagement, international and inter-agency cooperation, strategic communications, key leader engagement, strategy development and strategy implementation.

During his career, he also assumed significant inter-governmental responsibilities such as, but not limited to, NATO Strategy Advisor at TUR MoD and policy builder in International Development Projects in Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. He, furthermore, led political liaison teams in North African and Eastern European countries where he was responsible for formulating policy, liaising with a large number of disparate IOs, GOs, NGOs and giving direct advice to key decision makers.

Gökhan Taymaz is an active member of IAPC (International Association of Political Consultants) and EAPC (European Association of Political Consultants).

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Berkhan Günaydın – Key Account Manager-Politics and Business Berkhan Gunaydin has a Social and Political Sciences major degree, and an MBA from Sabanci University in Istanbul. After his graduation, he worked in pharmaceutical, and HR Consulting sectors before joining Quatro Strategies, and Consulting, in 2011 as a junior political consultant. Berkhan Gunaydin conveys his experience on analysis, and statistical evaluation, as well as planning in political and business projects. He is fluent in English, and Turkish. To know more about Berkhan Gunaydin visit his Linkedin Page

Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan – Creative Entrepreneurship

Gökçe Dervişoğlu was born in Istanbul and attended Sankt Georg Commercial School and graduated from Istanbul University School of Economics. She started her academic career right after the graduation at Istanbul University. Her master research and thesis was awarded by Austrian government scholarship and later published as a book on Knowledge Management.

She has continued her studies for 7 years and assisted several courses related with basic management education. After resigning from the university she worked as management consultant, especially on participatory methods with several major clients in Turkish industry and third sector. Dervisoglu has than become coordinator of Design Culture and Management Program at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2006. With her PhD Thesis ‘Corporate Support on Art’ (in collaboration with Art & Leadership Centre- Copenhagen Business School) she became Assistant Professor at the same university. Her research interest continues in creativity related issues such as art, design, especially in terms of innovation and sustainability as well as strategic thinking.  In 2010 she acted as the pioneer academic actor in the foundation of YEKON- Turkey’s Creative Industries Association and has been working especially on creative entrepreneurship within the GEW Executive Committee and Istanbul Chamber of Industry Quality Board.

She has completed her post doctoral research at Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School Center for Arts Policy and Research as a Tübitak fellow and appointed as the Director of Cultural Management Graduate Program as well as Vice Director of Work Ethics Research Center and board member of Cultural Policy and Management Research Center.

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Serhat Cicekoglu – Innovation Management Mr. Cicekoglu is an expert on Innovation Management with over 20 years of industry experience serving corporations in Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Consumer Goods, and Industrial Products sectors, including AMD, Accenture and SAP. His areas of expertise include Corporate Strategy Planning, Corporate Venturing, M&A, and New Product and Service Development. He is currently affiliated with the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola and is a graduate of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and Istanbul Technical University, one of the oldest (founded in 1773) and one of the top engineering schools in Turkey. Between 2006 and 2012, Serhat was with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). At AMD, most recently, he was a member of Corporate Development Team where he has led several strategic projects. He was also a member of Corporate Venture Capital team where he has led several due diligence activities and also initiated an investment to a Chicago-based start-up by AMD’s Fusion Fund. Prior to AMD, Serhat has spent more than ten years in management consulting with SAP, KPMG and Accenture, mainly focused on manufacturing, R&D, and innovation management domains. Mr. Cicekoglu, as a Clinical Lecturer, thought multiple courses on Innovation and Technology Management domains at MBA, Executive MBA and Undergraduate Programs at Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. At Quinlan he has also led Center for Risk Management. Under his tenure the Center has introduced several executive education programs in enterprise risk and resilience management, big data and cyber security risks, and advanced risk management. The Center also founded one of the leading Financial Services and Business Analytics Lab in the Chicago Academic circles. Mr. Cicekoglu has founded Sente Advisory Services, located in Chicago, IL USA, in 2008 to provide consulting services in the areas of innovation and new ventures. Since then he has worked with over 200 start-ups and growth companies in varying roles to provide mentorship and guidance regarding business modeling, incubation, and fund raising. He is a frequent judge at programs like Verizon Innovation, AHA Heart Challenge, Start-up Chile, KAUST, Teknojumpp, ITU Gate and ITU Seed new venture programs. He is also a General Partner with an emerging venture capital fund, Anka Capital Management that focuses on emerging start-up ecosystems. To know more about Serhat Cicekoglu visit his Linkedin Page

Güldenay Sonumut Laçin – Media Strategies Güldenay Sonumut Laçin started journalism as a news editor and went on to the program department for 3 years before going back to news. She worked in 4 major Turkish TV networks (STAR – SHOW TV – KANAL D – NTV) and has been in charge of International News Operations for more than 10 years in first Turkish 24 hour TV news network, NTV. Built foreign partners network and maintained relations with all third party companies (production companies, news agencies, tv stations, etc.). Currently, she works as Media Strategist and Media Consultant for Quatro Strategies. She is fluent in Turkish, French, and German.

Gökhan Aslan – New Media Gökhan Aslan was graduated from Yeditepe University with a double major from Management and Psychology. He was the assistant coordinator of a TUBİTAK supported Project on“Language Development and Communications Inventory” in 2008/2009. He completed training and internship program (TV Journalism Program) organized by Istanbul Bilgi University and NTV. In 2010, he presented his master’s thesis, “Conceptualization of Surveillance: A Facebook Model” to Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and got his master’s degree in New Media an Culture. In 2012, he got his second master’s degree in Cultural Studies with his thesis on “Anonymity, and Social Media Effect”. He is an editorial board member in refereed journal, KÜLT, and prepares the radio program, “İnceden Kültür” on Açık Radyo, with Mesut Varlık. He worked as a research fellow, and lecturer in Doğuş University Psychology Department. He continues his academic studies in Istanbul Bilgi University Communication Sciences PhD Program.

Teddy Wilson – Leadership Skills and Teamwork Teddy Wilson was born in New York, and has Management and Psychology degrees from New York University. After graduation, he joined Far East Arts and Sciences University, and was graduated from Far East Arts, and Zen Psychology Program. He has worked for 44 years in Far East Arts, and has been an instructor for 28 years. He also works on Shinto-Buddhist Religion. Prof. Teddy Wilson is 9th Dan in Aikijitsu, 8th Dan in Shang Fu Shang Chinese Karate, and 5th Dan in Chinese Goju Karate. He is the founder and headmaster of Kaizen Aikijitsu, and Shang Fu Shang Chinese Karate/Boxing. Also, he is the representative, and technical board member of Aikido, Aikijitsu, Jujitsu, and Chinese Karate on behalf of World Budo Federation in Turkey, and USA. Prof. Teddy Wilson works as an instructor and consultant of leadership & teamworking for Quatro Strategies & Consulting.

Püren Büget Akın – Education Püren Büget Akın, an expert on organizational and volunteer planning and direction, is responsible for campaign organization training at Quatro Strategies & Consulting. She has worked actively on the planning and execution phases of several campaigns, both corporate and political. Akın, who continues her PhD studies in Istanbul University Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, has double major in Marmara University Labor Economics & Industrial Relations and Istanbul University Spanish Language & Literature as well as a Master’s degree in Kadir Has University Department of Banking and Finance.