About Us

Quatro Strategies & Consulting is a political consultancy, corporate strategy and analysis & risk assessment company.  In Political Consultancy domain, we offer political communication strategy, political strategy development, political campaign management, media relations and e-campaigning.

Our professional team provides multiple and complementary services to active politicians, candidates, political parties and their branches in and out campaign periods. In Political Consultancy, we do not only provide excellent solutions, but also assist our clients in setting long term strategies, to be implemented and evaluated in surgical accuracy in due course. 

Under Corporate Strategy branch, with our experienced and competent experts in international markets, we develop and refine the strategy in line with your end states to consolidate your investments while reaching out to new horizons and devising new strategies according to your needs. We provide tailored solutions for international companies who are interested in investing in Turkey or its surrounding region as well as for Turkish companies who are willing to invest abroad. 

In Analysis & Risk Assessment branch we provide Predictive Analysis and Operational Country Risk Reporting with our unique local insights through credible analysis on Turkey and its imminent surroundings to individuals, corporations, organizations and governments around the world. We believe that in a transformative world; political, social, military and economic events are not random and are, indeed, predictable. In light of the asymmetric knowledge we generate, Quatro Analysis & Risk Assessment offers an unparalleled, clear and structured analysis on local, regional, trans-national and international developments in and around Turkey to facilitate better comprehension of operational risks, make strategic investments and expand into challenging regions.