Gokhan Taymaz underlined the need for public policy support for energy companies

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September 24, 2018
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Gokhan Taymaz underlined the need for public policy support for energy companies

At the 9th Energy Forum held in Istanbul on 01-02 October, Gokhan Taymaz stated in his opening remarks that “In energy sector, the fact that you do not take an interest in politics, doesn’t always mean that politics will to take an interest in you”, highlighting the importance of political-know how in building strategies for energy companies.

Hosted in Shangri La Hotel by the Bosporus, the Turkey Energy Forum brought together a wide variety of actors in energy sector to discuss key issues from international finance organizations to large banks and leading energy companies to media members.

Among the topics discussed in the panels were:

  • Market Movements in the Turkish Energy Sector and what it means for the industry
  • An update on mergers and acquisitions on the supply and distribution sides of the energy sector and what it will mean for future market direction.
  • Opportunities for investors to source local components: what percentage of local content is being offered by which suppliers, and which new Turkish suppliers are entering the market?
  • The future of the Turkish Energy Sector and how to remain competitive and profitable in light of the many
    transitions taking place.
  • An update on plans for the EastMed pipeline route and related gas pricing agreements
  • Progress on the TurkStream offshore pipeline and plans for the European link
  • How will the new gas pipelines affect Turkey’s gas security of supply and energy markets?


With respect to EastMed and TurkStream pipelines, Gokhan Taymaz, Managing Partner at QU4TRO Strategies & Consulting argued in this remarks that  TurkStream contradicts the American energy policies on Russia. Yet, Turkey, seeking to fix the strategic relations with the U.S. while working closely with Russia on gas pipelines, might consider utilizing EastMed pipeline to ease American concerns where EastMed will provide a diversification of gas supply to the very same market TurkStream is targeting.

He went on to say that without a proper public policy support, it is highly likely that energy companies targeting Turkish market will face serious setbacks, given the complex nature of both domestic and international politic landscape in MENA.


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