China to invest digital broadcasting sector in Turkey

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May 31, 2017
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May 31, 2017

China to invest digital broadcasting sector in Turkey

Digital television giant StarTimes Media Group, which provides content and infrastructure services to more than 300 radio and television channels in Africa, is preparing to invest in Turkey, the China-based company’s Director of International Marketing Wang Jin announced lately.

Wang noted that Chinese relations with Turkey had developed considerably as a result of the ‘Belt and Road Initiative.’

“After analyzing this, we want to bring our new technologies to Turkey. Turkey is an important country for us. Turkish TV series could reach more countries if given time on our television channels,” Wang said.

He went on to say that StarTimes was looking for a strategic partnership in Turkey, and would only make an investment when such a partner was found.

“In 2002 our company opened up to Africa. We now have companies in more than 30 African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Mozambique, where we facilitate digitalization,” Wang said.

He added that StarTimes has nearly 4,000 employees, 3,000 of whom are based in Africa, and that the company considers its experience on the continent a big success.

According to Wang, the company hires voice actors from all over the world, including China, the U.K., France, the U.S., Canada, and Portugal. StarTimes has dubbed 180 series in English, French, Portuguese, and African languages such as Swahili and Yoruba.

“We also translated Chinese series, such as Struggle, Young Doctor, Journey to the West, into these languages and dubbed them. We received positive feedback from our viewers. We can do this for Turkish series too,” Wang said.

According to Turkish officials, the company is warmly welcomed in terms of investment, increased competition and technology transfer. The officials noted that negotiations are continuing.

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