How Fragile Is Your Country ?

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February 29, 2016
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March 5, 2016

How Fragile Is Your Country ?

The Fund for Peace’s 2015 Fragile States Index, which maps countries according to their instability and threat to global peace, is out. The index weights countries based on a basket of economic, political, and security factors.

Topping this year’s list in order of most fragile are South Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, and Sudan. Outside of Africa, Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan also ranked among the most fragile countries this year. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Scandinavian countries, including Finland, Sweden and Norway, ranked among the most stable countries.


The study lists Turkey as the 90th most fragile state in the world, just below Tunisia, out of total of 178. Turkey is included in “Warning” category with a total fragility score of 74.5, which is up 0.4 points, compared to last year’s performance. 

This study should be regarded as a sobering moment to private, corporate and governmental audience who have stakes in Turkey, one way or another. Unless the risk indicators indigenous to Turkey monitored properly and continuously, it would be burdensome to benefit from the opportunities that Turkey is generously offering to its investors. 

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