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If politics is the "art of the possible", campaigning is the science and art of changing what is possible. As your local partner with global know how, QU4TRO provides campaign strategies and management, media relations, candidate development, crisis management, political advertising and lobbying.

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In the world we inhabit today, there are some controllable factors and uncontrollable factors affecting your businesses, which can create a huge difference in your success. In an effort to harness uncontrollable factors, you can now reach tailored risk management reports derived from hundreds of risk triggers on political, economic and security domains thanks to our new Risk Sense System.

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Competitive advantage is a property that a business can have over its competitors such as having easy access to cheap resources, highly skilled labor or a high entry barrier market. Some others say, there can be only two types of competitive advantage you can have over your rivals: lower cost or product differentiation. What if, there is an alternative option? .

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By providing accurate, consistent, timely, relevant and continuous trend analysis and insights, QUATRO Risk Sense is designed to place today’s events in a context while forecasting tomorrow’s potential developments well before they appear in the headlines. Empowered by QUATRO Risk Sense, you will have the strategic advantage in your business; hence you can identify opportunities, make sound decisions and manage risks through information that is timely, relevant and actionable.

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With a wide array of services in Political Consultancy, we focus on personal development of the candidate or politician and consolidate all elements necessary for victory. People need leaders that pave the way for them, foresee their needs, and provide accurate solutions. Leadership qualities that the people seek include values that people are born with, and qualities that are open to improvement. QUATRO Strategies and Consulting supports your voter-oriented campaign with a preparation that considers even the tiniest detail. On top of that, we formulate strategies for politicians with longer term ambitions, to develop their leadership qualities, and political talents.


The complex nature of contemporary crises presents a range of potential risks, threats and opportunities as well, to governmental, corporate and individual interests. Keeping vast range of factors in mind, we provide operational risk assessments to give you a strategic advantage; hence you can identify opportunities, make sound decisions and manage risks through information that is timely, relevant and actionable. With QUATRO Risk Assessments you will better comprehend operational risks, make strategic investments and expand into challenging regions.


In Corporate Consulting, we support your company in expanding its business to foreign markets. That includes foreign companies willing to invest in Turkey, or Turkish companies willing to expand their business to an alternative region abroad. Every market is unique and bears indigenous political, demographic, geographic, bureaucratic, economic, social, and technological dynamics. We analyze those dynamics and find the most suitable market for your company or product. In terms of government relations, we also help your business to have political connections, making your company aware of political developments for future projections to let you review your business strategy.


QUATRO Special Analysis service provides local insights through credible analysis on Turkey and its imminent surroundings to individuals, corporations, organizations and governments around the world. We believe that the basic law of wealth creation heavily relies upon the principle of asymmetric knowledge. We also practice the approach suggests that strategic solutions do not generalize. They are built on insights, not rules or principles; thus competition is modeled as a discovery process where the rewards flow to entrepreneurs possessing valuable new insights or unique data rather than as a state of equilibrium.