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Turkey on the knife edge-Assessing risks and opportunities in post-coup attempt Turkey. Mail us on to have instant access

On July 15, Turkey descended into a night of chaos and violence as a failed bloody coup attempt gripped the country, killing 238 civilians and police officers. The group responsible for the coup belonged to a small faction within the Turkish military. Within this faction was a group of renegade soldiers who orchestrated a number of coordinated attacks in both Ankara and Istanbul in an attempt to seize key government institutions, including the Presidential Compound and the National Intelligence Agency (MIT). The Parliament was bombed 11 times during the night of the attempted coup while deputies from both the ruling party and the opposition were inside.

Special Report

In this context, we put together a special report on Turkish Risk Landscape to shed light on country’s shifting risk perception to help support decision making processes of investors who have stakes in Turkey.

One could fairly say that “things will not be the same as it was in Turkey”, so are the risk indicators that international community should be monitoring. We always argued that Turkey is a unique country and should be set aside from other developing economies when considering its risk landscape.

In our Special Report on the new Turkish Risk Landscape, you will find the background of events unfolded on the night of 15 July, insights on political implications of coup attempt, immediate effects of the events on Turkish economic scene, risk analysis of Turkey’s economic outlook, detailed analysis of new top-10 risk indicators to monitor in Turkey, QU4TRO genuine analysis on the likelihood and impact assessments, risk factor calculations, colour code values and projected trends of top-10 risk indicators.

In a nutshell, Special Report on the new Turkish Risk Landscape will give the final user a snapshot of current risk factors in Turkey, as of mid-August 2016.

Turkey is a country that has experienced strong structural changes over the last decade. This factor has guided the country into a phase that numerous experts have characterized as a transformation process. And, as with all deep revolutionary reforms, new opportunities arise.

With a EU focus and a strong regional position, Turkey is playing an increasingly important role in its surrounding area and beyond. Turkey is an active member and term president of G-20, and is also a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Council of Europe (COE), and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

This special report is one of the many tools that we offer through our Risk Analysis capability to provide unique local insights through credible analysis on Turkey to individuals, corporations, organizations and governments around the world.

We reckon that in a transformative world; political, social, military and economic events are not random and are, indeed, predictable. We believe this special report will facilitate better comprehension of operational risks specific to Turkey, a corner of the world recently became even more challenging for all stakeholders.

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