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American-Turkish Council and QUATRO Strategies Announce a new Strategic Partnership to Deliver Strategic Advantage to ATC Members. The strategic partnership enables ATC members to have access to QUATRO Strategic Solutions as well as Risk Analysis Reports and Services on advantageous fees up to %50 discount.

The American-Turkish Council (ATC), the primary business organization which aims to help member companies achieve their bilateral business and investment objectives and to facilitate stronger U.S.-Turkey relations and QUATRO Strategies, the leading political consulting, government relations, corporate strategies and risk analysis firm headquartered in Istanbul announce a new strategic partnership. The partnership combines QUATRO’s experience and expertise on political campaigning for corporate interests, government relations, corporate strategies and risk analysis with ATC’s efforts to serve its members as a critical voice, source of knowledge, trade convener, and diplomatic counsel in both Washington, DC and Ankara.

Under the strategic partnership, QUATRO Strategies will provide %50 discount off the original price of TURKEY OUTLOOK 2017 SPECIAL REPORT to all ATC members and discounts on all future special reports to all ATC Member companies. In addition to those advantages on special reports, QUATRO Strategies will also provide %20 discount off the original price of Monthly POLITICAL INSIDER REPORT to all ATC Member companies. ATC members will also be given priority on their needs with respect to strategy building cases.

Howard Beasey, the President and CEO of ATC commented “In the ever changing political and economic landscape, it is critical to have balanced and timely information sources to make sound decisions.  We at the ATC are pleased to bring the resources, analysis, and expertise of QUATRO Strategies to our members, providing another valuable tool to allow companies to grow their business interest in the U.S. and Turkish economic space.”

Elif Dördüncü Aydemir, the President of QUATRO Strategies highlighted that “ATC is one of the major business associations dedicated to enhancing the promotion of US-Turkish commercial, defense and technology relations. Supporting ATC members with our experience and expertise in political, commercial and risk analysis domains will help forge a future that we can all turn risks into opportunities stemming from the factors that we usually cannot control in the multi-polar world we inhabit today”.

She also added “The complex nature of contemporary business world presents a range of potential risks, threats and opportunities as well, to governmental, corporate and individual interests. Keeping vast range of factors in mind, QU4TRO provides tailored solutions to give its clients a strategic advantage; hence they can identify opportunities in advance, make sound decisions and manage risks through information that is timely, relevant and actionable.

The 36th Annual Conference on U.S.-TURKEY Relations

Under the new strategic partnership, The American-Turkish Council and QUATRO Strategies will deepen their cooperation in 2017.

The largest gathering of its kind, the 36th Annual Conference on US-Turkey relations will host over 500 attendees including leaders and visionaries in the private sector, government, and the non-profit space.

CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, key Members of the U.S. Congress and the Turkish Parliament, as well as Ministers and Cabinet Secretaries will assemble to discuss macro and sector-specific topics over 2o industries.

The Annual Conference will provide the attendees with endless opportunities to network with fellow participants and get exposed to new ideas.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Istanbul since then, QU4TRO serves its clients in 4 core sectors:

Political campaigning for corporate interests. If politics is the “art of the possible”, campaigning is the science and art of changing what is possible. As your local partner with global know how, QU4TRO provides campaign strategies and management, media relations, crisis management, strategic communications, micro targeting, political advertising and lobbying.

Government relations. Regular surveys show that CEOs and big corporations alike share one thought: The government relations are key to a company’s current and future economic value. QU4TRO supports your relationship with Turkish Government, NGOs, and business associations, which will prove crucial in your future endeavours in the Turkish Market.

Corporate Strategies. Business and politics are usually intertwined and need each other to survive. New developments and future trends in politics affect businesses, and vice versa. QU4TRO helps your business to have political connections, makes your company aware of political developments and builds projections for the future to let you revisit your business strategy.

Risk Analysis. QU4TRO Risk Analysis service provides in-depth analysis and regular risk reporting to individuals, corporations, organizations and governments around the world. By placing events happening in and around Turkey in a geopolitical framework, we help our clients anticipate and exploit opportunities and better understand local, regional and international developments.

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January 31, 2017

American-Turkish Council and QUATRO Strategies Announce a new Strategic Partnership

American-Turkish Council and QUATRO Strategies Announce a new Strategic Partnership to Deliver Strategic Advantage to ATC Members. The strategic partnership enables ATC members to have access to […]
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